Before and after installation...

Prior to the fitting

The basic rule is to comply with moisture conditions and maintain a proper moisture management. Good preparation of the surface is also crucial.

Finally, air-condition the purchased floor in the packaging. Please read our "preliminary installation" (in the boxes) chapter for further information.

Maintenance of your parquet

Parquet is easy to maintain.

By keeping the impact of external factors acting on the floor surface under control, your parquet will become more beautiful. But there are different finishes that require different maintenances. So make sure exactly which finish your floor has received. This way you can always apply the same correct maintenance.

Floor heating and floor cooling

Our floors are made for installation on underfloor heating. There are some rules to follow here. See further under the relevant chapter.

Floor cooling is also possible, but the cooling installation is particularly important: can the system prevent condensation through built-in condensation sensors? More about this in the relevant chapter.


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